Monday, May 29, 2017

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Indulging in a Candid Chat with Celebrities

Our April-May Issue celebrates the valor of the bubbly Prachi Desai, Dressed as an ethereal Summer Bride, she brightens up our cover with poise. We also indulge in a candid conversation with one take artist, Darshan Kumar and promising actor Angad Bedi... read more


Jewellery You Must Adorn this Season

Picking jewelry is the most crucial errand for the brides; it embodies your persona and panache. Thus, to cosset your fancy for jewels, our team has intricately delved into the latest essentials for your jewellery box. Masterpieces inspired by the beauty of nature... 

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Latest Fashion for Trendsetters

We have brought together the bests' of the sartorial world for the brides to be, and the fashion devotees to help you up your wardrobe game this summer! Fashion moguls Ankur & Priyanka Modi, Manav Gangwani, Varun Bahl, Amit GT, and Anavila Mishra share their take on latest trends..

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Perfect Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations

A wanderlust soul finds peace only in the arms of nature. Wrapping in the splendor of nature's beauty is the best way to celebrate any important occasion of your life. And that is why Destination Weddings and Honeymoons are the most popular means of celebrating the ...

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The Ultimate Relationship Guide

'Relationships' they say, are all supposed to go through hell, but the real ones get through it. Hell hath no fury like a scorned partner, but what dismantles the Taj Mahal of love created with so much of admiration in your lovers heart? Is 'expectation' playing devil in your relationships or are...

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The A-Z of Beauty Essentials!

Going natural has always been a win-win when it comes to skincare. Sticking to natural products and all things organic is the best thing to do for your skin. We go back to the basics of grandma's kitchen garden and tell you all about the leading brands who have gone all organic to feed your...


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Man's World

Why should woman steal all the glam? it's the Man’s World too! And weddings are meant for both, the bride and the groom. In the 'Man's World' section, W.A, dives into the A-Z of essentials in a man's world, from relationship tips to wardrobe selects, we have it all covered for you! 

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An Insight to Indian Wedding Culture

Family, relatives and friends, everyone’s invited! We are Wedding Affair, and our soiree is incomplete without an in-depth talk on wedding cultures of India. We focus on 'jaimala' one of the most important ritual of weddings and delve into the significance of the customs of our religions ... 

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Indulging in a Candid Chat with Celebrities

Our April-May Issue celebrates the valor of the bubbly Prachi Desai, Dressed as an ethereal Summer Bride, she brightens up our cover with poise. We also indulge in a candid conversation...


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Volume 18 Issue 6


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The 10 Truths about Dancing Doll – Shakti Mohan

She tip toed into our hearts with her stunning moves, and built a home in it with her alluring expressions. The adorable angel flapping her invisible wings on...


8 things the Bridesmaids can do for the Bride

Yes we know that Indian weddings haven’t much recognized the concept of Bridesmaids. But talking about the generation of today, we’re quite exposed to...





Sex and Relationship

Love Her But Leave Her Wild: The Magic That Is Atticus

Love Her But Leave Her Wild: The Magic That Is Atticus The mysterious poet, Atticus, has been taking the world by storm, making them fall...

Sex- for Good Life and Good Health

When a man and woman make love, they both experience erotic enjoyment. Sex generates immense form of pleasure and sensuality in both men and...

Sexual Fantasies- The darker, deeper Desires!

Give wings to your passionate longing and explore the dark recesses of your mind to know what you really desire. Exploring our desires is...

Celeb Talk

Stay Or Sway? Keith Sequeira & Rochelle Rao Tell Us

An unhappy partner can either bring out new dimensions in your relationship or crumble the very existence of it. When the season of romance changes,...

Loyalty v/s Loyalty with Arjun Bijlani

In today's modern world, there are a plethora of options and temptations available around you which might lure you towards the path of unfaithfulness...



Ravishing In The Rains: Monsoon Style Hacks

There is nothing more fickle than the monsoon rains. One moment the sun may be blazing on our heads and the other moment it...

Beauty Secrets

Sonal Chauhan spills the Beauty Beans

Sonal shares the secrets behind her invigorating beauty and updates us on the hacks of adding life to our looks from the gifts of...

EMF ACE 2017 Global Convention and Awards

The Event Management Welfare Federation (EMF) is a versatile apex guild of events and associations in India. A flourishing dais for fraternizing of complementary...

Ministry of Textiles announces first global B2B Textile event—‘Textiles India 2017’

Ministry of Textiles, on 18th April, 2017 unveiled the first ever global B2B Textile and handicrafts event in the national capital of India—‘Textiles India...

Salvatore Ferragamo unveils Signorina Misteriosa

Brimming with romance, elegance and mystism, Salvatore Ferragamo spills out potion of pure seduction- Signorina Misteriosa. Reaching out to all the women of today,...

Here’s how Tarun Tahiliani’s Mehrauli store looks like

One of the country’s ace couturiers, Tarun Tahiliani launches a flagship store in Qutub Garden, on the land of historic Mehrauli area in New...

National Award Winners- RUSTOM and NEERJA

“There is always a first time for everything” The quote by Mellisa De La Cruz, is now the reality for the Kapoor Daughter and The...

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Neil and Rukmini’s Reception shindig!

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay’s wedding saga concluded on 9th February in a traditional ceremony in Udaipur, but the jamboree continues with the...

T.V Actress Kavita Kaushik ties the knot

FIR fame actress Kavita Kaushik got hitched to her boyfriend Ronnit Biswas in a low-key wedding at Kedarnath, Uttarakhand. In attendance were just 15...