Ditching The Hitch: Starlet Rashmi Desai Weighs In



‘Happily Ever Afters’ are now a distant dream. The ideology that marriages were made in heaven and the sanctity of the seven pheras are vanishing into thin air. Our favorite faces from the industry put forth their viewpoint on why years of commitment are failing to culminate into an eternal bond.

TV actor Rashmi Desai, who recently announced her split with her husband, Nandish Sandhu, gave us her two cents when asked about her opinion on ‘ditching the hitch.’ Here’s what she had to say-

If anything has to go wrong, it will. Marriage is a commitment but then it’s a two way street. No one wishes to be involved in a relationship when it doesn’t work out, even after several attempts at making it work. Expectations and personalities differ from one another and the society is now open to the acceptance of divorced people, unlike before. What goes wrong between two people can’t be gauged. The relationships disintegrate when differences increase beyond limits. Marriages are a gamble these days. Even love marriages break. Marriage involves a lot of adjustments and each individual may be good in their own sweet way, but two people living under the same roof is a different scenario altogether.



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