The six yard story with a twist. #sareenotsorry

Rajdeep Ranawat Latest Collection
Rajdeep Ranawat Latest Collection

A saree has been on the fashion map for generations and will continue to exist for eternity. It is considered to be the unchallenged godfather of Indian clothing for its immense grace and versatility. Irrespective of whether it is printed or solid, formal or casual, georgette or khadi, it holds the power to make a woman look mesmerizing. Contrary to popular belief, a saree is not restricted to just weddings. It can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the mood and occasion. It is injustice towards the saree to be restricted to just being paired with blouses. It deserves much more than this. So we have combined looks of favorite fashion influencers and bloggers, slaying the out-of-the-box saree look.

Counting capes


Talking about sarees and fashion, Sonam Kapoor has to be the first in line. She sets standards so high that they can put us all to shame. One thing we’re currently crushing on are capes with sarees. They look elegant and uplift the entire look. Opt for pastel and mellow hues with a little embroidery to ace the #SonamKapoorinspired look.

Go grunge

Awaken the inner biker chic in you and go grunge. Pair a solid saree with a lycra top for a casual look. Throw in a pair of booties and an indie statement necklace to add some fun. Top it off with smokey eyes and a pulled back bun for perfection.

Classic Chic

Drape a saree over your basic #ootd to achieve a look which is minimal and classy, ideal for a day out. Try to bring the focus on the saree by opting for a printed or embroidered one, draped over basic jeans and a top. Color blocking is another great option to stand out.

Handloom with care

Keeping¬†base with the culture and history is always a win. Opt for a handwoven ikat saree with an ikat blouse if you aren’t afraid to go bold with #printonprint. This saree by designer Preetam Jukalker manages to perfect the styling of the blouse and the pocket on the saree is totally adorable (no more handing lipsticks to your men, ladies!)

The Love Bug

Bloggers from “Love and other drugs” SLAYING the indo-western saree look, so effortlessly. The six yard story never looked so stunning! Go feminine with a basic off-shoulder crop top or make a bold statement in a bralette, depending on your comfort zone. Throwing on a jacket for some coverage is also a great option.




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