Triumph one of the leading manufacturers of lingerie and underwear in the world, promises to provide the best fit for all the beauties out there. Triumph is the quintessential example of starting small and growing by leaps and bounds. What started as a small-scale corset factory in Southern Germany has now transformed into one of the leading manufacturers of lingerie and underwear in the world. Having a loyal customer base in over 120 countries, the brand is best at what it does.

The company produces, manufactures and sells lingerie, underwear, swimwear, sportswear, shapewear and loungewear. Its excellence and elegance is winning hearts all over the world. Triumph is the choice for today’s women who are self-assured and independent. Triumph’s latest collection will surely not disappoint as it has something for each and every woman.

Triumph  International India, unveiled its 2018 collection for the brand Triumph and its sportswear brand Triaction at the 10th Annual Triumph Fashion Show. The brand curated an extraordinary experience with the stunning actress and fitness enthusiast Mandira Bedi as the showstopper for Triaction adding to the glitz and glamour. With its latest collection, Triaction introduces the brand new concept of Magic Motion Pro which guarantees the best bounce control available in the market.

The latest addition to the cardio series offers versatility, softness and breathability thanks to its soft-touch magic wire air innovation. This year’s collection also introduced Hybrid Lite which featured breathable spacer cups and Extreme Light in the Cardio range and Free Motion N in the Studio range. Triaction by Triumph is a stylish, high-performance sportswear collection that gives modern women the freedom to train how and when they like. Boasting the best bounce control levels in the market. Triaction supports women effortlessly throughout the day as they go about doing what they enjoy doing the most.

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