10 Beauty Cautions for the Brides to be


Cautions for brides_Wedding AffairYou must be so used to making lists of ‘To do’ things for your wedding by now, that you might as well be in a state of disbelief reading this article. Yes! We will tell you what not to do, as you will have aplenty people advising you on what to do from the moment you announce your D-day. Well, in case you are already freaking out fathoming WTF could that be. Let us put them forth for your kind consideration:

1. No two women’s skin is same, so the magic created on a dear friend’s face may not weave the same magic for you. We suggest you Do Not switch over a New Skincare Regimen. We contacted Dr. Akanksha Shah, Cosmetic Dermatologist of Enhance Clinics and this is what she had to say, “Avoid making any changes in your basic skin care regimen right from your face wash, sunscreen, to-night creams. Trying new skin creams and serums or even sunscreens can induce eczema, acne and comedones, if they don’t suit your skin type.” The same applies to new foundations, concealers and primers as well. Divya Ohri, Beauty Expert and owner of Soham Wellness Clinic advises against experimenting with beauty products during the last few days, no matter how expensive they are. One should stick to the old products that one is comfortable with.

2. Fancy Effie Trinket’s outrageous hair colours from ‘The Hunger Games’! Even if you do, keep it for another time and spare your hair for the wedding. In the not to do list we suggest that you Do Not Try on a completely New Hair Colour ten days before your wedding. The oxidation process might just leave your hair looking disgusting and your favourite aunts and nieces popping their eyes out in shock. This is what Dr. Akanksha Shah of Enhance Clinics had to say regarding hair colour. “Avoid trying hair colour for the first time or trying a new brand to avoid chances of allergies one might not be aware of. Hair colour can induce allergic reactions, which can come on your facial skin, eyes, areas around the ears, which can take up to a week or more to treat.”

3. No one can possibly beat Kelly Osbourne when it comes to bizarre haircuts. There is nothing you can do to undo a hair disaster. No amount of any magical concoction can grow back your chopped off hair. So we suggest Not To Try on a Drastic Hair cut when it is just ten days left for the wedding. But if you must, do so, at least a month in advance. Award winning Aesthetician Dr. Bharti Magoo of Golden Touch advises against cutting your hair too short as you will not be able to do good hairdos. Dr. Magoo also suggests not to go for hair straightening or perming your hair for the first time if you have dry, curly or straight hair.

4. Do Not Undergo Skin Treatments just before ten days of your wedding. Dr. Bharti Magoo opines, “Without proper consultation with a skin doctor all treatments can be harmful. Nevertheless, avoid skin peeling treatments, face lifts, fillers ten days earlier as they require healing downtime. Avoid bleaching and laser hair removal one after the other or on the same day.” Divya Ohri also shares the same thought when she says, “Micro dermabrasion or a chemical peel session might tempt you by offering smooth and shiny skin in the long run. But it is strictly a big ‘NO’ when there are just ten days to go.” She further adds, “After undergoing these skin treatments, many will experience their skin peel off repeatedly. This is the dead skin on the surface which will cause issues while putting on makeup. Few will even experience irritated or red skin. Any kind of makeup will only exasperate your irritation.” Divya Ohri advises against going for Botox and inject fillers before ten days of the wedding. Botox takes four to five days to kick in which can leave you with an uneven bulge on your D-day. Lip plumping treatments might allure the brides, but with these treatments the lips will look swollen initially and it will take a few days to come in place. “And if one happens to encounter a bruise, ten days is not enough to heal,” adds Divya Ohri. Regarding skin treatments Dr. Akanksha Shah states, “Laser hair removal, peels, skin lightening treatments, medi-facials, microdermabrasion etc are safe and effective measures to maintain the skin, provided they are done few weeks before the wedding.”

5. Bikini Wax! First ever! Do Not Get it Done during the ten day count down. Girls flinch at the thought of getting the bikini line waxed, for reasons so obvious. Not that we endorse only hairless beauty of women at a painful cost, it’s totally up to you women out there. But if you decide on it then decide it a bit early so that you can lose yourself to better feelings rather than painful, swollen, burning and irritated feelings down there.

6. Don’t Burn the Midnight Oil planning and re-planning the hundred and one things of a wedding. Dr. Bharti Magoo is of the opinion that a good seven to eight hours of sleep is simply not enough to avoid under eye bags, wrinkles and a worn out look. More important is to sleep early and wake up early; not doing so can ruin your metabolism. So, plan in advance to avoid such disappointments.

7. We know that you must have really looked high and low for those pairs of perfectly carved shoes to match your wedding ensemble. The right fit, right hue and the classy looks will just be a waste if you happen to experience sore feet with shoe bytes. Do not forget to break into your shoes. Regardless of the dough you have paid for a single pair, it sure doesn’t come with a warranty of shoe-bite less feature. Here we are just talking of a probability; we surely do not wish to see a gorgeous limping bride. So make hay while the sun shines.

8. Don’t allow yourself to get tanned. For this, avoid the sun as much as possible. Even if you have to, step out with the shades or a hat and don’t ever forget your sunscreen; come rain or sun you should always wear it. Now that no wedding is complete without a pre-wedding photo shoot, make sure it is done well in advance. Outdoor photo shoots may leave your skin sun tanned and blotched, which may be too much to be dealt with just ten days before the wedding.

9. Don’t Eat Too Much. By this we definitely don’t mean that you don’t eat at all. Starving can never make you look gorgeous. What we want to say is don’t eat too much for a single meal. This happens when you skip a meal and end up eating more than the usual in your next. Eating more at one go quickly adds to the calories and in the busiest time of your life, you know what the results can be like. But we don’t want you to starve, we want to see a ‘fitter bride’ not a ‘deprived of nutrition bride’. So what is the alternative? Small portions every two hours! Diet is pivotal for not just a bride but anyone who wants to enjoy a good health throughout. For a bride, it is even more important as this makes all the difference in her skin, hair and wellness. Dr. Bharti Magoo, advises taking small portion of fruits, vegetables, salads, and protein bars. She advises taking frequent small sips of water and avoiding junk to be a glowing bride. Divya Ohri suggests going low on sodium to keep a check on your weight and doubling your water intake to pump up your skin naturally and add that healthy glow. By saying don’t eat too much we also mean that you don’t drink too much. Reduce your alcohol and caffeine consumption if you want better results with your skin.

10. Now all said and done, you are ready to take on your wedding. But wait, not before we address the ‘Tenth Issue’ the ‘You Issue’. Well all we want to say is Don’t Treat Yourself Bad! In the process of being the most beautiful bride don’t torture yourself giving up on all your favourite food and drinks. Don’t tire yourself by doing and thinking too much, relax and be yourself, everything eventually gets taken care of. Live the last few days of your girlhood relishing the pampering bestowed on you, by your family. Let ‘daddy’s little girl’ go on a trip down memory lane with him. You can take daddy this time to that one special place, you used to visit with him during your childhood. We are sure you will experience an unforgettable time. Cling to your mommy dear and sleep a night with her. Make your family a meal. Bring out the old family albums, and relive every important moment of your family, the joys and sorrows, the high and the low.

Coming back, your skin needs indulgence, so do not torture it by experimenting with everything and anything under the sun. Do less but do it well. Inner glow may sound done to death, but trust us nothing really beats the glow on a bride’s face which is from within. With few days to your D-day, we want you to be a radiating bride in a happy glow.

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