10 Makeup Essentials For Every Bride To Be!


It is only natural that a bride wishes to look like a million dollar beauty during her wedding day. As makeup plays an important role in your wedding to help achieve your desired look, you must not forgot to stock up on the most necessary makeup products. However, trends nowadays indicate that brides are not satisfied  with makeup which has been used traditionally throughout the ages, and require a lot more to look picture-perfect. Many brides are opting for a bold, edgy look which transcends the usual.

If you want to look ravishingly beautiful on your wedding day, these are the makeup products that you will need.


If you want a sheer dewy effect without high coverage, opt for a foundation which will hide your flaws and bring out the best of your skin. Otherwise, try different foundation shades till you find the correct one that matches your complexion and skin tone.


If you are one of those lucky brides who don’t need to complain about dark circles or blemishes, you may skip the concealer. However for most others, a concealer that provides a good solid coverage along with a foundation is extremely important.

Compact Powder

A compact powder mainly helps set your liquid base makeup and adds a layer of very-light to light coverage. Compacts save you from that blasphemy of makeup melting away. Don’t you just hate it when the makeup peels away? Skin becomes dull and flaky! The product compact powder is essential for restoring the skin’s natural properties. Using a compact helps to set all your makeup in place and makes it last longer.

Black Kajal

A black kajal works brilliantly with  all Indian skin tones and eye shapes. You could choose an eyepencil, roll-on kajal, liquid eyeliner or kohl.


Any girl looks prettier with thick, luscious eyelashes , and a mascara adds lot of volume. Select a water-proof mascara with volumnising and lengthening properties. To add that extra glam, opt for some false lashes as well. Volumnise those lashes by applying a coat of mascara. 


Some shades are must-haves, such as nudes, pastels and even a red or bright red. Lipsticks are the go-to accessory every bride should possess! It remains the same, through eternity.

Lip Gloss

A lip gloss is a perfect lip enhancer. It adds a nice, natural look without overdoing it. It also means adding some much-needed sparkle to your lips for that perfect pout


To add that dreamy bridal glow, use a highlighter which brings out the best in your skin! It should bring about a tonal effect, which mitigates flaws and brings out the best properties of your skin.

Eye Shadow

These include both neutral and festive shades. If you believe that eyes are the window to a bride’s soul, invest in shades which elaborate the beauty of your eyes! The neutral shades are great for creating formal looks and party looks. Festive shades are great for more selective occasions like ladies’ sangeet, mehendi etc.


Blush, as the name suggests, is needed for any skin tone to give your face a pop of colour and a healthy glow.All these products are necessary to give you a wholesome bridal look and make you look special on your most precious of days. On a side note, even if this is your first time at the beauty counter, please do not feel intimidated into buying the products. Try them on, if necessary, check the durability over a few hours and read reviews online. Do your research beforehand for better decisions.