Dodge and date, find your mate! It can be a little tricky to pull the best version of yourself at your first date. Communication helps you get through it but of course, it comes with the do’s and don’ts of its own. Here are the 10 things you must avoid on your first date.

1. Quit The Ifs

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Do not raise if’s and buts’ to fiction situations led by them. This can make you look doubtful of their statements and embarrass your date. Avoid considering them in an awkward scenario.

2. The Ex Zone

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You must avoid talking about your past relationships and experiences on your first date. Frequently referring to them and their habits can make your date feel neglected. They may think of this date as a rebound to you.

3. Sexual Preferences


Even if you two have found your comfort in each other, it is advisable to not get into any sexual talks. First dates always are early to discuss each other’s likes and dislikes in bed.

4. Expectations


Don’t talk about your expectations from them. It’s the first and probably can turn your last date as well.  Take it easy breezy, don’t get into relationship fashion.

5. Nagging Negatives

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Do not enter the negative side. Nagging about your life and other negative thoughts can set the mood off and make the ambience unpleasant. Trying keeping it light and cheerful.

6. Future Talks


Talking of marriage, kids and future together at your first date can make you sound desperate. It seems too unrealistic to picture a future this early and can make your date feel uncomfortable. It is always better to prefer living in the present than future.

7.  Religion Choices


Discussing religion preferences and beliefs can cause a sentimental wreck and you two might have opposing thoughts. Leave the sacred zone and get your flirtatious modes on. Your conversations should be on the tempting side of the track.

8. Drama Insights

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You must share things about your family and workplace but mind getting into depths. Mama drama and wicked boss stories won’t pass for a romantic date. Rather these dramatic conversations often make the other person feel bored.

9. Money


Showing off your economic value is certainly not an impressive move. Talking too much money and its value in your life can give a bad apprehension of yours. Asking the other person about their salaries may make them edgy.

10. The ‘I Like…’ Talk

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Try talking less and listening more. Do not keep talking about your tastes, interests and hopes. Instead try knowing their likes, preferences and choices. Engage curiously with them when they are telling you something. This way they feel important and it shows your interest in them.

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