10 Trousseau Essentials Which Are Not Makeup!


A bride walks down the aisle with stars in her eyes and wishes for a trousseau to die for! Like any other bride, she wants to look her very best. Makeup, as we all know, forms an essential part of a bridal trousseau. There are some elements that consolidate a bride’s trousseau which are deemed quite interesting and innovative. Apart from makeup, what are the other things that  make up the perfect trousseau? Here are 10 items for you to look through and judge for yourself!


A good hairdryer ensures that you will have a tidy mane, wherever you go. If you’re the type who stays busy all day long, you can opt for roller brush dryer  for on- the-go blow dry.


Safety pins, bobby pins, U-pins – you name them! These are essential in keeping things in place like those stubborn strands of hair, those shawls and dupattas that keep falling off your shoulders and those plaits in your saree that threaten to come undone. These are handy items which could cut down the effort you put in by half.


An elegant lady must possess at least one good perfume. It is essential in making you smell good at all times. Finding the perfect perfume can be tricky business and is quite an investment. Do your research thoroughly before you settle on a particular one

Classy lingerie 

Racy and sexy lingerie is a must-have, especially for the period right after the wedding! A honeymoon is never complete without trendy or classy lingerie which will show you off to the fullest.

Makeup remover

In the hustle and bustle of the grand affair that a wedding is, we often overlook what is most important. We might buy the best foundations, the best lipsticks, the best eyeshadow palettes but inadvertently forget to buy a makeup remover. At the end of a long day, removing all your makeup will make you feel light and you can comfortably rest for the night.

Manicure/ Pedicure Kit 

This is not a luxury, but a necessity.  It is an essential item for trim, pretty and neat looking nails.  This kit is a perfect style partner for all occasions.

A ‘love potion’

A ‘love potion’ is like a perfume, but not quite! It’s sweetly seductive and immensely sexy as well.  Love potions are made up of an aromatic blend of the world’s most potent aphrodisiac essential oils to sexually stimulate the senses, increase  sensuality and immediately inspire an inner sense of beauty and confidence.

Nose/ear hair trimmer

This is a handy product, which is very useful in removing and trimming hair from unwanted parts of the body. It is one of those essentials, which is so important during crucial times like after the wedding!

Scented Candles for the bedside

Want to set a powerful, subtle and enigmatic mood with your partner? Scented candles work wonders for such moments! These will not only add an immediate classy aura to the ambience but will also magnify romantic sparks between you and your partner!

Honeymoon Jewellery

Yes, honeymoon jewellery is a thing! And there are some labels who exclusively sell vintage and effortless minimalistic pieces to wear so you can really take it up a notch! Think tennis bracelets, hamsa necklaces, evil-eye chains etc.