101 Guide into Dealing with pre-wedding jitters: Bridal edition


Weddings are quite traditional and beautiful when viewed from a particular angle. But once you go deep into it you will realize the amount of pressure the brides face on the and big day. Yes, you’re right we’re talking about the pre-wedding jitters, so let us have a look at a few ways that you brides can deal with those jitters.

Surround yourself with optimism


Well, pre-wedding jitters are part and parcel of getting married to the love of your life. And these jitters can take quite a toll on your mental state, so one way to deal with them is to keep an optimistic surrounding. And how is that possible? For starters talking to your friends, like your bridesmaids might do the deed. Your friends and family and their constant support will keep you calm and maintain your mental peace.


Okay, so ladies just before thinking of breaking that window and running out of your own wedding just remember that why are you getting married to this man?! Jitters are quite common especially in the case of the brides, but that’s just you women being scared yet excited to begin a new chapter of your life. So, the second tip to deal with your horrifying wedding jitters is to go back the memory lane and remember all your lovely moments because of which you decided to spend the rest of your life together with this man.

Stay in the reality


C’mon ladies we know that you have imagined this day of your life since you guys were young, but not always things go as planned. Speaking of the third tip, you really need to let go of that fairytale bubble of yours and let reality strike in. Wedding jitters might also occur because all you have planned might look all glamorous and magical, but the truth is that no one is perfect, and nor is any relationship perfect. So, you better stick to reality and trust your natural instincts because that’s how you ended up with your man in the first place.

Talk through it or maybe “Eat” through it

Stop laughing you guys, this actually helps! Apart from talking it out with your friends, eating lots and lots of food also might help you lay off the pressure. Of course, letting it out with your friends about how you feel will definitely give you a relief that this is nothing but just normal pre-wedding jitters. But even eating your favorite cuisines will help you stay happy and this way you’ll probably not even think about all that pressure. So, eat it up, brides!!

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