101 guide into storing your jewellery the right way


You ladies often tend to spend a good fortune on jewellery, right? Especially while we live in an Indian setting it is quite mandatory to own some timeless pieces of jewellery like diamonds, gold, and a lot more like these. But have you ever thought about storing these timeless pieces? Well, if not then let us tell you that buying expensive jewellery is not it, you will have to chalk out few pointers exploring the ways you store your precious ornaments. Have a look at the ways listed below and grab some inspiration from the same.

Clean up!


Well, it’s not just you who needs a good cleanse once you’re back home from a gala or get-together, even your precious jewels need a good cleanse. So, first things first, before storing your jewellery make sure to clean it well once you remove it. This is because the sweat and the dirt from the outdoor pollution might change the color of your precious jewellery and make it look old. And if you don’t want that then your better clean every little detail before storing your lovely pieces.

Airtight storage

The second tip for jewellery storage had to be the storage rules. After you’ve perfectly cleansed your jewellery then all you need to do is to make sure of an air-tight storage box or a ziplock bag. Even the slightest hint of moisture in the air can tarnish your fine jewels so, it is better to store them in air-tight boxes with minimal exposure. Moreover, make sure to place either velvet clothes underneath your jewellery pr wrap them around a soft cloth, in order to protect the shine of your ornaments. This way your jewellery will stay flawless with no unwanted chips or scratches.

Perfect protectant sprays

There are certain sprays that have the potential to protect your precious jewels. Make sure to choose the right kind of sprays for your jewellery in order to maintain the charm of your jewels. These sprays will not only protect your jewellery, but they’ll also make sure of preventing any sorts of allergies on your skin.



This sire is one of the most important factors while we speak of storing your jewellery. The delicate and intricate work of your jewellery needs extra care and attention. So, make sure to keep them in separate boxes and store each item separately. If you’re looking for a new storage box well then you better take the one with a lot of partitions and columns in order to prevent your jewellery from getting tangled and tarnished.

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