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Intimate Indian weddings are a recent trend that has taken the country by storm. Gone are the days when weddings used to be grand affairs with hundreds of guests and elaborate decorations. These small-scale weddings are not just a reflection of changing social values but also a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has put restrictions on large gatherings, the trend of intimate weddings has been gaining popularity since before the pandemic.

These weddings are a perfect blend of minimalism and traditional values. With the focus on creating personalized experiences, intimate weddings foster a sense of intimacy and warmth that larger weddings often lack. They allow couples to forgo the stress and pressure that come with planning and executing a grand wedding. They can also be more affordable and flexible, allowing for unique and creative customization.

Overall, these intimate Indian weddings are a celebration of love, traditions, and close relationships, proving that big things do come in small packages.

Prepare an A list, a B list, and a List for Invites

It takes an extremely strong will and growing a thick skin in order to scrape names off the list. If you decide to have a small Indian wedding, you need to be ruthless in this area. Who will be on the A team of guests? This system works best between friends, but it is still a bit annoying with relatives. This system works best between friends, but it is still a little upsetting when it is a relative.

On the A-list, I would recommend dropping people you have never spoken to in the past year. They are not an active part of your life”. Put those people on the B or C guest list. It sounds harsh, but the goal is to reduce the number of people. That is why we need them.

If people on the A list can’t make it to the wedding, go ahead and invite people on the B or C list.

Custom Wedding Websites

Plan pre-wedding virtual events- Wedding Affair

We get a kick out of getting wedding invitations with creative and intricate designs. Frankly, the only people who really have them are the couple getting married. No one else keeps it as a keepsake; it will most likely end up in the trash a week later.

For small weddings in India, cut down on costs and paper waste by creating a wedding website. Make a link to this website available to your guests along with a “Save the Date” so they can get all the information related to the wedding. This includes the location of the venue, nearby hotels, and a detailed itinerary for the day of the event. There are several platforms, such as Wix, Weebly, and WordPress, that allow you to create a free site using existing templates.

You can also have a separate section on the site for wedding photos taken by your guests, using Google Drive, which can be uploaded by the guests themselves. Here, you can also share photos during the preparation process to build excitement for the upcoming special day.

Plan Pre-wedding Virtual Events With All The Guests That Didn’t Make It To Your Lists

Post the era of COVID-19, virtual events have become the new norm, and pre-wedding virtual events are no exception. With travel restrictions and safety protocols in place, many couples are forced to downsize their guest lists, leaving several loved ones unable to attend physically.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of the celebration. A pre-wedding virtual event with all the guests who didn’t make it to the in-person guest list is a great way to include them in the festivities.

There are several virtual platforms available that cater to large group video calls like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, to mention a few. Organize a virtual bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, cocktail hour or even a rehearsal dinner, and invite all the guests who were unable to attend physically. You can even create virtual games, like bridal Bingo or scavenger hunts, to add excitement to the event.

With a little bit of planning, you can make your pre-wedding virtual event just as memorable and enjoyable for your loved ones as your in-person celebration.

Keep a Simplified Menu
Keep a simplified menu- Wedding Affair

If you have three desserts instead of six and only two appetizers, no one will begrudge you.

A wedding, especially an Indian wedding is all about the food, but given the budget, keep the menu short and sweet. Offering a wide variety of buffets such as Italian, Indian, Continental, etc., is quite unnecessary. Keeping it short and simple is the way to go for your intimate wedding. Quality reigns supreme over quantity anyways.

It’s “fun” to watch relatives break the ice and dance like toddlers who can walk. But an open bar may not be the best idea if you’re funding it. You may want to keep your offerings low, such as wine, beer, and a signature cocktail to commemorate a special occasion.

Choose Seasonal Flowers Instead Of Exotic Ones
Choose seasonal flowers instead of exotic ones- Wedding Affair

As for decor, there are two ways to go about it. You can have an outdoor wedding in a great location and use the scenery and ambience itself as a backdrop, with just a few extra lights. You can put the money you spend on the location toward the decorations.

Or you can have a simpler location and spend more money on decorations. Instead of a colourful light show, you can opt for a minimalist look with lanterns and lamps. You’ll notice that the majority of your decorating money is spent on flowers. From the mala to the table centrepieces. By opting for seasonal or locally grown flowers rather than exotic blooms you also support local flower vendors and local floral farmers.

Even the most extravagant arrangements can be transformed into more eco-friendly creations with the addition of plants.

Try To Host Customary Functions At Your House
Try to host customary functions at your house- Wedding Affair

By having as many ceremonies at home as possible, such as the pre-wedding pujas, you can save up on expensive venues. Also, since the space is small, you can limit the number of invited guests.

Ask a friend or an uncle with a large veranda and garden to host the haldi ceremony.

Instead of having a separate mehendi ceremony and sangeet, you can merge the two. Many rituals have an important place in the wedding tradition, but some are additional decorations for our enjoyment. If saving money is your first priority, you may need to prioritize.

Intimate Indian weddings provide a practical and meaningful alternative to the grand and extravagant wedding celebrations that are often associated with Indian weddings. These intimate weddings help the couple to focus on what really matters – their love and commitment to each other – rather than on the spectacle of the wedding.

The pandemic has also contributed significantly to the popularity of intimate weddings in India, as they allow for greater flexibility and customization while maintaining social distancing protocols.

With carefully planned guest lists, curated decor, and personalized rituals, intimate Indian weddings showcase the rich cultural heritage of India and create a memorable experience for everyone involved. They also allow families to spend quality time together, fostering greater bonds and relationships.

Intimate Indian weddings are a refreshing change from the traditional extravagance of Indian weddings. These intimate celebrations are a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Indian wedding industry, and they are here to stay.