Waheeda Rehman’s Son Has A Dream Wedding In Bhutan


Waheeda Rehman’s first born Sohail Rekhy got married to Dechhen Pelden in Paro, Bhutan on June 7th, 2016.


The wedding ceremony was at a temple on top of a hill attended by just the two families, Rehmans and Peldens, after which they drove to Hotel Gangtey Palace where the guests had assembled. The garden was dressed in colourful tents and every table had a decorative plate comprising sweets, snacks, betel leaves and nuts. At a little distance, the monks were getting ready for further ceremonies. There was a strike of a gong followed by chorus chanting and then everybody moved inside the palace.


“In the olden days, we fussed over the bride and the bridegroom, today they are their own wedding planners. As a result, they hardly enjoy their special moment,” said Rehman.



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