Sangeet ceremony is loaded with fun, frolic, dance and music. Not only does everyone has a blast of a time but it also serves as a great stressbuster for the soon-to-be bride and groom. But the rehearsals before the actual ceremony can be quite a pain in the neck. Here are some easy steps that one can easily follow to make these dance rehearsals much more enjoyable.

1. It’s Just A Performance And Not A Dance Reality Show


Keep it simple and don’t complicate it with tough steps. Remember your sangeet should be a fun affair and not just a flawless dance performance.

2. Include Everyone

Try including each and every one of your friends and relatives into the festivities. The more the merrier.

3. Use Some Props

What’s more interesting and fun than inculcating a few props into your dance performance. From cool shades to frames, you can choose from a plethora of options that are available.

4. Choose The Playlist Beforehand


This not only prevents last-minute confusion but also ensures a smooth-sailing practice session without any chaos. So, select the songs beforehand and it would be better if you pool ideas regarding the playlist. You can also go by a theme if you want to.

5. Set Aside Some Time For Practice


To have everyone available at the same day and at the same time is the biggest challenge. So, inform people well in advance so that they can take time out for practice.

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