2021’s hottest hair trends to follow


While we may not be able to predict a lot, but one thing’s for sure, we LOVE experimenting with cute new trends – even if it is from the comfort of our own home. And when it comes to hair trends, who better to follow than the hair gods and goddesses. Spoiler: they’re all suitable for WFH and will make caring for your tresses super easy. Read on.

Curly Bangs

We’ve been seeing a lot of this trend during the second half of 2020 and will definitely be seeing more it of this year. The bangs are actually very 70s and I think that decade is really about to make a comeback. Women that wouldn’t have normally gotten bangs, actually have during the pandemic and have loved them.

Low Maintenance Hair

Low maintenance hair is on the rise! With offices still closed and people working from home, the low maintenance cut is definitely one that’s here to stay this year. Many women are looking for styles that just air dry nicely with little-to-no fuss.

Long Hair

Long hair has been quite the trend lately mainly because many women’s locks have grown way longer than it ever has because they haven’t been able to get to the salon. While it may not have been planned, they’re here to stay and will be accented with face-framing layers.

Headband Wigs

One of the biggest styles that I think will be a trend in 2021 is headband wigs. If you’ve not yet heard of what a headband wig is, they’re half wigs that come with headbands attached to them, for those days when you’re between styles and need a quick go-to that’s cute, quick, and easy! All you do is literally put your hair in a low sleek ponytail (add baby hair/edges if you prefer) and pop the wig on! The best part of the headband wig is being able to change out the headband of your choice!

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