3 simple steps to declutter your makeup stash


The season is changing and so should you, and its most important to throw that I don’t know what to wear mentality out the window and start some seasonal spring cleaning  — it’s also important to take a fresh look at your beauty bag. Clearing out your makeup stash can help you get organized, but more importantly, it can help you get rid of expired and potentially unhealthy products which can hurt your skin care and even cause a breakout. 

Here we gave a few steps you can follow to easily get rid of those products you don’t really need.

Step one 

Take out everything that you don’t need 

That old blue eyeliner that you never use ..it’s time to move it and throw it out. If you have a product that is more than six months old and you have not touched it then it’s not really of use to you. So, get rid of it! The less clutter you have in your makeup drawer, the better. If you can’t bear to throw away a perfectly good and unused item, consider donating it or giving it to a friend. 

Step two 

Throw out expired products. 

Most people forget the expiration date of a product especially if they use it scarcely  That’s why this is the perfect point to double check those expiration dates in all the products your currently using or you have opened.Anything that has expired goes in the dustbin. Sometimes it gets difficult to find the date cause it might get rubbed off. In that case know this simple hack anything liquid like  Liquid face makeup lasts upto 6 months ,Powder based face makeup lasts as long as 2 years and any eye makeup product can maximum. Stay for over 3 months maximum and finally  Lipstick and lipgloss stay intact for 2 years maximum.

Step three 

Keep clean brushes

Makeup brushes are notorious for harboring bacteria and other gross stuff you don’t want on your face. You really should be washing your makeup brushes once a month.  so if you don’t stick to that cadence, it’s extra important to give them a good clean when organising.