3 ultimate ways to apply your liquid foundations, and why!?


Ladies whore too into makeup are all about looking for the right tutorials to apply their foundations the right way. Well, we might not be any experts, but listed below are the three most common ways that you should choose to apply your foundations. Follow the reasoning given behind each method and dont forget to read out the pro tips.

Beauty blender (of course)


While we aim at addressing a few ways to apply a foundation on your face for a day out with friends or family, well then the first one had to be the beauty blender. A beauty blender or a sponge is actually the first way that pops into our minds while we think of foundation application. This is because of the fact that the goofy shape of this egg-like sponge structure helps us with foundation application into impossible areas like the edges of your face. And it makes it easier to spread the liquid foundation in every bit possible.

Pro tip: In the case of beauty blenders and foundation applications make sure to damp the blender first and then start the process.


Well, talking of brushes it is often said that stippled brushes shall be used in case of foundation application especially if its a liquid foundation. Stippled brushes have the ability to give your foundation a smooth and natural kind of texture. Once you apply your foundation make sure to move your stippled brush into round circular motions so as to spread the liquid evenly all over your face. These brushes give us an even tone and a natural glow.

Pro tip: Make sure that the brushes are washed and most importantly take care that your brush isnt too hard on your face.

Finger dab


This sure is an old-school way to apply foundation, but trust me, this is by far the easiest and effortless way to make you look gorgeous. All you need to do is just spread the foundation on your face, begin to dap the liquid with your index finger until the liquid seems all settled down. You might not sense the success of this method at the beginning, but the end results are definitely worth the try.

Pro tip: make sure your nails arent too big as that might be a problem and, just try not to drag the liquid on your face. Just dab it with a loose finger.

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