4 Creative Ways To Put A Spark In Your Sex Life


Physical intimacy in your relationship doesn’t have to be boring – even if you’ve been married for decades! But if you find yourself getting tired of the same old routine or you’re just looking to heighten the passion you already feel for one another, read on. Being intimate with our partners is one of the biggest ways we connect on both a physical and emotional level. The oxytocin released during sex is responsible for bonding, building trust between partners, and lowering stress.

1) Get Experimental


Studies show that, sadly, a large percentage of women will not orgasm from penetrative sex alone, so it’s important to incorporate new and fun aspects of pleasure for her. One way that couples can do this is by bringing lubrication into the bedroom.

Lube gets a bad rap these days. Many think that only post-menopausal women need “help” down there, but statistics show that 50% of Americans find it easier to orgasm when using lubrication.

2) Take Your Time


One fun way to bring some excitement into your sex life is to set the mood. Routine sex may be satisfying, but it’s hardly exciting. Instead of jumping right to the finish line, why not enjoy the scenery along the way?

Set the mood by lighting candles and setting some mood music.

Focus on kissing. Remember when you were a teenager and you could spend what felt like hours just kissing your crush? Revive your teen years and kiss your partner with passion. Not only is this a passionate form of foreplay, but the research indicates that women are more likely to be sexually attracted to a man if he is a good kisser. 

3) Make Sex a Positive Experience


Everyone knows that communication is essential for a happy marriage, but did you know that sexually communicating is just as important? Studies show that sexual communication is positively correlated with sexual satisfaction and heightened relationship quality.

Make your sex life fun by having a “show and tell” with your partner. Show off all your most sensitive areas and tell them exactly how you like to be touched.

Not only is this great for building sexual anticipation, but it’s a great way to communicate with your spouse about how they could be pleasing you better without hurting their feelings.

As an added benefit, research shows that women who have a positive view of themselves sexually will have an easier time becoming aroused and report higher levels of passionate love.]

4) Don’t Be So Serious


Physical intimacy is beneficial for your health. The bottom line is that sex is one of the most intimate and special things you can do with someone. Yes, there are both emotional and health benefits to getting physical with the one you love, but it’s also supposed to be fun.

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