4 easy facemasks for glowing summer skin


The oiliness and sweat is ever-increasing and there is dryness at the same time is a clear infection that summer is here. It’s to not just whip out more sunscreen but also to follow a better skin routine to save your skin in these hot months. Skin, hair and everything else becomes quite a task to manage in this sweltering season.

Cucumber face pack

One of the most cooling substances available in every kitchen, the cucumber is sure to not only cool your skin but also hydrate it and leave it feeling fresh.simple grate a cucumber add homers and milk and leave it on your skin for 15 min and raise off.

Papaya fruit pack 

This face pack is known for controlling the amount of oil secreted by the skin and also smoothing out the dry patches on the skin.not only if papaya yourishes but is also perfect to fight hyperpigmentation. Mask a banana along with some ripe papaya and add honey to the mixture. Now apply the concoction all over the face and let it sit while you relax for 20 minutes and wash off

Almond face pack

Not only does this pack help scrub off excess oil and exfoliate the skin, but also paves way to new skin to grow after getting rid of dead cells.Add some oats, honey, almond and yogurt and apply this pack on your face to depuff and slowly exfoliate gently massage your face and rinse to reveal clear skin.

Gram flour face pack 

Gram flour is known for exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin. Also, this is one of the best Homemade Face Packs for Summer Tanned Skin. Mix gram flour turmeric and honey to make a perfect mask for the summer as it helps cool off and remove excess oil from your face.