4 Step guide to delve in Role-play Sex

Picture Credits: Sexcite Blog
Picture Credits: Sexcite Blog

Role-playing is the brainchild of creative minds. Remember how when in childhood we use to dress-up and pretend, similar is the concept of role-playing just in an adultery context. It is a way to express your creativity and bring your fantasies to action. Adding an element of role-play in your sex can turn out to be absolutely electrifying. Sometimes even the most passionate sex can turn down to be just a routine workout that a lusty romp. Oomph up your bedroom mood with this beginner’s guide to role-playing:

Costume it up

Get into a character of your choice and get out of your own character for that moment. Pretend to be someone your partner would love to see you as. Pick any of these avatars to change into:

  • Teacher-Student
  • Doctor-Patient
  • Photographer-Model
  • Stripper-Client
  • Police-Thief

Trust me your partner is going to dribble lust seeing you in a fetish avatar.

Make a list of rules

Once you prepare what rules to go by while in action, you’ll be able to enjoy it all the more freely. Keep yourself free from judgments to create a comfortable environment for your partner. This will help your partner serve you hesitant free.

Shed barriers before clothes!

By barriers we mean inhibition! If you keep shying away from your partner, you won’t be able to enact in a way they might be expecting you to. After all they are the one you can act weird in front of otherwise, why would you be with them. So tell them they’re worth it and get on with the role-playing baby.

Simply enjoy the mood

What you feel while in action is going to pass on to your partner, so make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t fasten up the act to reach the climax, after all it should be all about setting the mood and keep sinking in.
Role-play sex can be fun and kinkier if done right. There’ll be chances you won’t succeed or get out of frame, but practice makes perfect. Don’t set unrealistic targets for yourself on the first go, take ample of time and set the right mood, for both you and your partner.