4 tips to up your honeymoon skin care


That multi-hour flight will not do your skin any favours, but the itty-bitty version of this cult product will help keep all the moisture sealed in. Boosted with a new, advanced, extreme hydration active technology, this perfect-for-in-flight mask restores as well as replenishes your skin on the go. The best part? It’s non-drying, and delivers an instant silky, soft, and supple feel.

Stock up on minis

While you may or may not be able to pack too light , you can be sure to shed the weight off your carry-all with a carefully. curated makeup bag. Cute, compact and completely functional, beauty product miniatures are the holy grail for anyone planning travel. You can also fill up empty travel-size bottles and even clean contact lens cases with the gels, liquids, or creams you don’t have samples of.

Take care of your skin in-flight
The flight to your honeymoon destination, as exciting as it is, presents another hurdle your skin must triumph over. Stale, circulated airplane air is notorious for drying out skin and accumulating buildup, both of which lead to increased sebum production, which in turn means bacteria and breakouts. In short, come ready for battle.Now is prime time for a sheet mask to kick any chance of dry, tight skin to the curb.

up your SPF game
Just because you’re taking a break from reality doesn’t mean you can ditch your SPF duties. Especially if your itinerary consists mainly of sipping on cocktails by the beach, you need to get super serious and rigid about your sunscreen application.A good rule of thumb is to reapply sunscreen every two hours and as soon as you step out of the waters.

Mask & chill every night
Squeeze in some masking time every night of your trip to help your skin recuperate from the fun-filled day.