5 Bollywood Film Teachers That Taught Us A Lot


Often Bollywood movies leave such an imprint on our minds that the movies become our teachers for a lifelong ahead. Even the Bollywood actors, who play the character of a teacher in a movie, create an ideal figure for the public, in general, to draw inspiration from. Wedding Affair has listed some of the Bollywood actors and movies that became our teachers and continue to inspire us to be our better selves. Here are some of the coolest teachers from Bollywood –

  1. Ram Shankar Nikumbh From Taare Zameen Par

Film Companion

All of us cried together when Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) found his perfect teacher in the form of Ram (Aamir Khan). From his journey of ‘Kya itna bura hu main maa’ to his culmination as the unnoticed talent of his boarding school, it was Ram who lead him to the path of self-realization and acclaim. Don’t we all deserve a teacher like Ram?

  1. Mahavir Singh From Dangal


Another Amir Khan character that stole our heart away! The ‘sehat ke liye haanikaarak baapu’ won the heart of the nation by being the guiding hand behind Geeta Phogat to help her climb the difficult ladder to India’s first-ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Had it not been for her guru, her father, her motivator — Mahavir Singh, the medal would have been still a distant dream!

  1. Raj Aryan Malhotra From Mohabbatein


The Guru-kool of Gurukul, Raj Malhotra (Shahrukh Khan) can be named as the coolest teacher of all time. The way he stood up for love. His methods of teaching. His laid back attitude with students. Everything about him made us fall in love with him.

  1. Kabir Khan From Chak De India


Another time when Shahrukh Khan became the teacher we want in our lives — as Kabir Khan in Chak de! His ‘sattar minute’ dialogue still manages to act as a motivation for various characters in our own lives, because all of it made so much sense.

5. Naina Mathur From Hichki

Boxoffice Detail

Our recent favourite teacher has been Ms Naina (Rani Mukherjee) from Hichki. Suffering from Tourette Syndrome, despite a few initial hiccups at her new job, Naina must do whatever she can to ensure that her students realise their true potential, and defy all the odds against them.

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