Your wedding day is knocking on the door and you don’t want anything to go wrong. Moreover, you do want that unblemished wedding day glow on your beautiful face. Here are five bridal hacks to make your wedding day go easy:

1. Clean Brushes

Cleanse your makeup brushes at least once a week. Avoid using brushes with makeup still sticking to it as it is likely to cause breakouts on your face. You wouldn’t want a red pimple popping out on your face on your D day. Wash your makeup brushes with antibacterial soap, rinse it and then dry.

2. Perfect Rosy Cheeks

To get those natural looking rosy cheeks, we have the perfect hack for you. Apply blush on your cheeks, add a tint of liquid foundation to it and blend it thoroughly. You will have that flawless natural looking rosy cheeks, you so desire.

3. Under Eye Bags

To cover up for those sleepless nights, the haemorrhoid cream will be your ideal companion. Just massage the under eye area with haemorrhoid cream every alternate day. It will not only tighten your skin but also reduce puffiness. You can also substitute the haemorrhoid cream with a cold green tea bag. It will work wonders for the under eyes.

4. Nourish Your Lashes

Smear Vaseline on your lashes each night as you go to sleep. The next morning your lashes will feel silky and glossy; so you can put the mascara effortlessly. If you want your mascara-effect to stay longer, dab a little baby powder to your lashes before applying your mascara.

5. Plump Your Pout

There’s another way you can use your eye cream and we bet you don’t know it. Seek for eye creams consisting of hyaluronic acid. When applied to lips, these eye creams will work towards making your lips look fuller and will reduce fine lines.

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Yasss these hacks are really going to save my day.. not for the only☺☺☺

Delina Pinto

My life seems much easier with these tips and hacks All set to gear up for my Big day