5 Creative Date Ideas To Make Your V-Day Special!


Valentine’s day is special for each and every couple. Romantic couples eagerly await the day so as to make it a special day for their partners. Couples wish to lavish their partners with love and attention. While there are a host of things that you can do on Valentine’s day, binge-watching romantic films or planning an intimate date, being creative and unique is something that every partner must strive for. This Valentine’s day surprise your partner with a unique date setup that they cherish for years to come. Wedding Affair shares the 5 creative date ideas to make your Valentine’s day special. 

1. Red Themed Date

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Plan an all red-themed date to make your V-day extra special. The colour red is known to be one of the most erotic colours. It will certainly make your date setup more passionate and romantic. 

2.  Candlelight dinner


A candlelight dinner is as romantic as it can get. It is one of the conventional ways to celebrate V-day as a candlelight dinner’s charm never fades.  

3. A Bonfire date


Take your partner out and plan an intimate bonfire date in the wilderness. A bonfire date night shall be truly cherished by your partner on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day.

4. Dancing Date


On Valentine’s day, dance with your partner to your heart’s content. Make sure you have made the setup ultra-romantic so that it adds to the mood of the moment. 

5. Ice Skating


You can also opt for ice skating with your partner. Ice skating is super fun and with your partner, it is bound to be extra romantic and special. 


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