5 Different Types Of Bridal Jewellery For The Millennial Bride


You’ve shopped for your entire bridal clothing but still feel jittery about your wedding jewellery? Worry not m’lady we’re here for your help. There are many different types of Indian jewellery that you can wear with your wedding outfit and ,no, we’re not talking about Kundan or Jadau this time.

1) Kaasu Maalai


Sometimes known as kasu mala, Kaasu Malaai is an authentic piece of jewellery which many people have never even heard of. This jewellery is made up of gold with a coin-shaped design.

2) Filigree Jewellery


This jewellery looks delicate yet gorgeous. Filigree jewellery looks magnificent and can be worn on any occasion of your choice.

3) Meenakari Jewellery


The credit for Meenakari jewellery goes to Rajasthan. Meenakari jewellery pieces feature designs of peacocks, flowers, etc. Sometimes Meenakari jewellery made in the Kundan jewellery fashion, thus, making it more versatile.

4) Pachchikam


Pachchikam jewellery is traditional to Gujarat. This piece of jewellery is extremely fragile, so it is prudent to handle it with care. Pachchikam is made of silver, and uses some precious and semi-precious stones.

5)Thewa Jewellery

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Thewa jewellery is heard of by just a few people. Its origin dates back to the Mughal Era. Now it is made in Rajasthan. It is made through the traditional art of fusing 23-carat gold with multi coloured glass.

Many people have never heard of these fine pieces of jewellery. You can upgrade your wedding look by adding one of these to your jewellery collection.

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