Even with the best of photographers, picture-perfect locations, immaculate background and the most photogenic poses, you might not be able to ace your pre-wedding photoshoot. If you are thinking “Why not? This is all it takes!” Well, there’s something very important you might’ve skimped on — your outfit. If you haven’t chosen the right ensemble for your photoshoot, no matter what you do, you can’t get that seamless can’t-take-the-eyes-off shot, you so desire. Don’t be mistaken, choosing the right outfit means so much more than selecting an outfit that is simply pleasing to the eyes of the camera. Read on to find out five outfits ideas that’ll help you achieve drool-worthy photographs.

1. Be Comfortable In The Garments

You can look good in a simple dress with no ornate but not in that perfectly fitting off-shoulder outfit wherein you are persistently conscious. Opt for something which is stylish and yet comfortable where you don’t have to constantly overwork yourself to manage your outfit. The more relaxed you are, the better you’d look in the camera.

2. Opt For An Easy Breezy Dress

Wear a light flowy dress or anything that catches the wind and you wouldn’t need to worry about poses to flaunt your dress. Just a little twirl or a soft spin will do the job.  

3. Play With Unconventional Colours

Go for solid colours and easy prints. Choose an outfit colour that goes well with the theme of your photoshoot and creates a mood.

4. Coordinate With Your Partner

Make sure your look either complements or contrasts with your partner’s. Coordinate and decide the colour, style and theme with your beau beforehand. More so, please avoid the same-pinch game here.

5. Prepare At Least Three Different Looks

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Your pre-wedding shoot is a one-off thing. Make sure you pull off at least three different looks so that your album has variety. Go quirky, look adventurous or drape the sexy but in the end whatever you do don’t forget to slay it with your romance and chemistry.   

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