5 Expectations That Are Ruining Your Relationship


Love can fade easily if you burden it too much with expectations. Expectations can wash away the love and affection of your relationship. Too many expectations can do more harm to your relationship than you’d expect. A relationship ought to be happy when it remains free from the shackles of unnecessary expectations. Don’t let your relationship fall prey to these harmful tendencies. Free your partner off the extra load of the expectations and see the difference it brings to your life. When you let someone be, appreciate them for who they really are, that’s when a genuine bond is created. Wedding Affair shares the 5 expectations that are ruining your relationship. 

1. Expecting Your Partner To Solve Everything

You can’t expect your partner to find a solution for each and everything. Don’t go to your partner with every little problem that occurs in your life.

2. Expecting Your Partner To Be Perfect


This is the gravest mistake that you can make. We all are flawed and so are our partners. Accept your partner for who they are.

3. Expecting Your Partner To Know How You Feel


We often expect our partners to know how we feel even without having told them. Know that your partner is only a human and they will know only as much as you tell them. 

4. Expecting You Partner To Be Happy Always


Oftentimes, we expect our partners to be happy but remind yourself that not everyone can be happy all the time. 

5. Expecting Validation From Your Partner


Don’t expect your partner to always hold the same opinion as yours. It is okay if they choose to differ. It is okay if they can’t always give you the validation that you want. 

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