5 Exquisite Places In Delhi For Pre-Wedding Photoshoots


Lately, pre-wedding shoots have become a bandwagon that everybody is jumping on. And why shouldn’t they? What’s better than having a bunch of pictures which capture you and your partner at your best with a perfect, jaw-slacking backdrop? Here are 5 locations in Delhi which are sure to give you pictures that will make others go gaga over it and begrudge you.

  1. Hauz Khas Village

Looking for a place which has a rustic appeal, a lake and a fort? Look no far. Hauz Khas Village is a go-to for people who want a place which is redolent of fashion, art, food and history. Several historical buildings, mosques, madrasas and tombs are built overlooking the water tank or the Hauz Khas Lake. The Hauz Khas village is known for the amazing buildings built around the Hauz Khas Lake. The madrasa at the village is the most scenic place, flanked by the reservoir in the North and by a garden in the South. The garden houses six pavilions with domes in different shapes and sizes.

  1. Lodhi Gardens

Nature lovers, this is your paradise. Lush greenery, vivid flowers and a garden with tombs, gumbad, mosque and walled enclosures across is definitely a sight for sore eyes. The garden provides mesmerizing pictures within the natural background.

  1. Humayun’s Tomb

For people who have a penchant for history, this place not only provides it plenty but also is an amazing place to get your shoot done at. The place is known for its awesome Mughal-Persian architecture. The Tomb and its Char Bagh (Four Gardens) are one of the most sought-after photographic locations in the city. The Tomb with its architecture, including decorative corbel brackets, balconies, decorations and chhatris gives a distinct flavor to the pre-wedding photographs.

  1. Neemrana Fort

Giving you all the Rajasthan royalty feels, Neemrana fort is one of the most sought after places for pre-wedding shoots. An hour away from the main city of Delhi, the place is breathtaking. With exquisite views in abundance, a shoot at this place could never go wrong.

  1. Delhi Rail Museum

It’s an unusual place for many, but sheer heaven for a couple who has irrevocable love for travelling. The Delhi Rail Museum in Chanakyapuri, Delhi has a fascinating and exotic collection of over 100 real size exhibits of Indian Railways. But, it’s the Fairy Queen steals the show. Fairy Queen is the world’s oldest working steam locomotive in operational service. The museum is also known for royal & princely locomotives and saloons such as the Saloon of Prince of Wales, Saloon of Maharaja of Indore, Saloon of Maharaja of Mysore and others.