Films have the power to transport one to a different space and time by beautifully depicting human emotions. Even though we publicly proclaim that rom-coms are super mushy and silly but away from the public eye, we just can’t get enough of them. They make us feel so good and warm by presenting a fairytale romance which one dreams about. So, this weekend grab some popcorns and make yourself fall in love all over again with these rom-coms.

1. You’ve Got Mail


This cute romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan will make you feel warm and fuzzy — making you want to fall in love instantly. The story revolves around Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly who are not aware of each other’s real identity but fall in love through emails. The twist in the plot is that in real life they are sworn business competitors. Even though it has a typical ‘can’t stand each other’ to ‘can’t live without each other’ track this is one should not be missed.

2. 50 First Dates


If Adam Sandler is in a film, then one thing is for sure that it is going to be a laugh riot. The film has a unique story in which Lucy has short-term memory loss and keeps repeating a single day over and over again. But then Henry falls in love with her and tries his best to make her fall in love with him every single day all over again. How utterly romantic is that!

3. The Notebook


This one is a film adaptation from of the novel of the same name by the king of romance, Nicholas Sparks. Set in the 1940s, this film has the charm of old-school romance with a passionate chemistry between the two leads, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The film deals with love, loss, choices and friendship like no other. The way Noah and Allie’s love transcends through mortal life is surely a must watch.

4.Notting Hill


A common man from London falling in love with a Hollywood actress – can it get more romantic than this? Absolutely not! The superb acting skills of Julia Roberts and the impeccable comic timing of Hugh Grant make this film a must watch. Also, the romantic soundtrack of this film is an ultimate classic for all the lovers out there.

5. The Vow


Paige and Leo have been married happily for 5 years, but one day a tragedy occurs and their lives are changed forever because Paige loses all memories of Leo and their life together. This bitter-sweet film which has a sizzling chemistry of Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams will make you believe in the power and magic of true love.

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