5 Fitness Trends Every Brides-To-Be Must Try Out


Getting in shape is a dream for many brides to be. In spite of everything, who wouldn’t want to look perfect on their big day? After all, the entire focus is on the bride, those photographs that will last forever and remind you about your appearance. Well, that should be motivational enough to inspire you to start your exercise routine today.

1)   High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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As the name suggests High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) consists of rigorous exercise sessions. This exercise regimen will help to increase your metabolism and lose your unnecessary weight.

2)   Group Fitness Training

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Group fitness training session is best for those brides-to-be who don’t like exercising alone. In this training module, four to six person is assigned to one coach and that coach takes the whole responsibility of the training.

3)   Wearable Technology

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Also known as wearable gadgets, is a smart device/gadget that can be used to track the health and fitness performance of the person who’s wearing it. If connected to your smartphone this device will let you know about your daily exercises and all those things you’ve done the entire day.

4)   Yoga


If you’re thinking that yoga has lost its charm then think again. Yoga has never gone from the fitness list. If you don’t want to go to the gym then Yoga provides you with extreme elasticity to your body (if done properly) as well as best for meditation too.

5)   Treadmill


The treadmill is best suited for those brides-to-be who don’t want to go out of their homely comfort. Buy a treadmill and start running on it. Treadmills are best for cardiovascular workout and keeping your heart healthy and in good condition.

You need to hit the gym at least three to four months prior to your wedding. If you are one of those brides to be who are confused about her first or next step, then follow these fitness trends for your guidance. Whatever exercise regimen you follow, make sure to drink lots of water. So, what are you waiting for? After all, sweating is the new sexy!!

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