Being in love is easy but realising these feeling might not be a cakewalk. Five men share with us how they realised their true feelings for their partners.


Karuna was a childhood friend of mine. All of was fine till the time we started going to college and she got into a relationship. It took me a really long time to accept the fact that I was feeling jealous and couldn’t see anyone else wiping her tears or laughing at her weird jokes, it was my right and nobody else’s. That’s the day when I realised I was madly in love with her.


I had just come out of a serious relationship and was looking for something casual to divert my mind. Meera came into my life without any warning, literally sweeping me off my feet (and making me fall into the pool, P.S. she is quite clumsy) at the pool party thrown by our common friend. One look at her was sufficient for any straight guy on this planet to fall for her but being the dim-witted guy that I am I only realised my feelings when she had shifted to Bangalore for her job. A week after she shifted, she found me outside her apartment on my knees, professing my love for her.  


It would be safe to say that I was a casanova sprinkling my affections wherever I could. I would always be the centre of attention and had high opinions about myself. There was no girl who was not affected by my charms, all but one. Asmita was the topper of our college, the wonderfully talented topper. I felt attracted towards her but never made it evident because I thought she was not only out of my league but also not my types. As fate would have it, we were assigned as project partners in the second year. Being the helpful person that she was she helped me in the and at times would even do my share of the work. When I was with her everything else just ceased to exist. Needless to say, I had to get rid of my womanising ways.


I can’t remember any particular moment when I realised my love for her. I think it was always there, some connection that kept us together, maybe an intuition that it was meant to be.


With Divya, everything happened organically. We simply graduated from being friends to lovers. There was no fancy proposal or confession, we just knew each other’s feelings and believe that love should be felt rather than making a show of it.

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