5 Hacks To Keep You Sorted Throughout The Day


We all know how essential makeup is in our daily lives and how much it helps us to look our best every time. But sometimes, when not applied properly, makeup can also make us look comical.

1) Pat And Smudge


The pat and smudge technique is the best option when you want more natural looking lips. What you have to do is simply pat lipstick on the tip of your ring finger and smudge it lightly, you can also use this technique while applying blush.

2) Finger Technique

Famous Betty

If you’re in doubt whether you have lipstick stains on your teeth then this hack will help you immensely. Put your index finger in your mouth, make a fish pout around your finger and then take your finger out. This age-old hack will remove excess lipstick on inner lips and prevent it from sticking on your teeth.

3) Different Light, Different Views


We all know about it but forget it more often. After getting out of your home make sure to check your makeup in sunlight too. It will give you the best insight and let you know if there are any patches that you need to take care of.

4) Using White Eyeliner


You’ve heard about the nail-paint technique where white nail paint is applied before neon? The same thing can be done for your eyeliner. Apply white eye liner before applying your favourite eye-shade; it will give you a more vibrant look.

5) Dot Technique


Are you one of those girls who cannot get their cat eye liners to ever match? Then this hack is tailor-made for you. All you have to do is make dots according to your desired shape and then give it a final touch by lining it properly. And voila! Finally your cat eyes match!

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