5 Hair Accessories That Will Totally Brighten Your Ensemble


Hair accessories are an integral part of the wedding ensemble. With a plethora of options available, hair accessories can definitely add some drama to your wedding day look.

MAANGTIKA: While maangtikas have historically been the central headpiece for all brides, large and dramatic ones are quite the rage these days. Pairing your maangtika along with matthapatti will only work as the cherry on the cake.

JHOOMAR/PAASA: Elegant, sophisticated and regal, jhoomars look like an absolute delight when paired with lehengas or shararas.

BRIDAL HAIR COMBS: Sparkly bridal hair combs add the perfect amount of bling. They come in a variety of styles including crystal, rhinestone, flower and vintage.

BRIDAL HAIR FLOWERS: For the bride who loves simplicity and elegance, hair flowers complete the look and definitely increases the the glam quotient. Gajras are quickly gaining popularity and add that extra elegance to the good old bun.

BRIDAL HAIR VINES: Hair vines frame the face and draws attention towards the mane. This artistic accessories look majestic yet modish at the same time.

BRIDAL HAIR PINS: This is the perfect choice for the low-maintenance bride who doesn’t like fuss. Just put them on and one is good to go.

BRIDAL HEADBANDS: Bridal headbands which mostly look like tiaras, come in different types like floral, encrusted in gemstones and crystals or even beads.. Bridal headbands are an apt choice for western outfits.

Consider your hairdo: For shorter hairstyles, simple and lightweight hair accessories work wonderfully while for voluminous hairstyles, one can go ahead and choose larger and heavier wedding hair accessories to make it more noticeable.
Your wedding theme:One must keep in mind that the choice of your hair accessory should not overshadow your style and should rather enhance it.Bridal hair accessories can complement your bridal theme to give you the vintage, royal or boho look you strive for.
Consider the hue: The general rule of thumb is to opt for warmer toned wedding hair accessories such as rose gold, gold and pearls for ivory, champagne and off-white wedding dresses and cooler coloured bridal hair accessories with diamond or crystal embellishments for white and silver-toned gowns.
Consider the look change: If you plan to change your look during the course of the day, choose hair accessories that compliment all the looks.

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