5 Honeymoon Essentials Every Girl Should Carry


This trip has to be one of most memorable one as you explore the world and get to know your partner better. The trip is to be packed with romance and love. While we know you’re making sure all is taken care of..we would like to help you through our checklist of honeymoon essentials.

1. Two Special Outfits For The First and Last Dinner Night

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While you’re planning to wear all your best outfits make sure that the ones picked up for these two particular nights are stunning! You would obviously want to look perfect on the first dinner date post wedding and on the last day you would want to click loads of pictures so pick the most gorgeous dresses for these particular nights.

2. Comfy T-shirts and Camisoles

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Since you would want to enjoy yourself carefree of little discomforts like clothing or heels don’t forget to pack slippers along!  While heels and dresses can definitely fit into your dinner and clubbing night wardrobe make sure you carry comfortably camisoles and T-shirts to only invest your time in your partner and not worrying about anything.

3. Bag Pack


Carrying a bag-pack would not only add as a great accessory to your outfits be it a casual dress or warm coast in case you are visiting a colder region but also will be your go to in times of needs. Carry important things such as hairpins, first aid kit, make-up essentials(a lip gloss, face cream), a comb in the bag-pack and you won’t have to be concerned about any issue. You can’t afford to have a picture looking tired!

4. Birth Control Pills

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In case you’re travelling to a remote destination it’s likely that you will be unaware of the whereabouts so it’s always better to have everything that will be required. No one wants to worry about carrying a baby home!  

5. A Travel Journal

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Capturing and writing down some glimpses of what and how your day was will make this experience everlasting. You can experience every sunset, every wave and every rain again. Relive the moments through the journal for a lifetime and your journey will never come to an end.

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