5 Latest Hair Colour Trends That Are Sure To Take Over This Summer


As soon as spring hits, we all know that the winds change in almost every fashion accessory. Hairstyles are no exception. Every season comes with new hair trends and signature hair colours which give that season a new dimension. As hair colour is now one of the most staple way of self-expression and confidence, here are the five latest hair colour trends that are here to stay this summer.

1.Platinum or Icy Blond

Image Courtesy- toptenperfumes

We are all aware of the saying  “blonde hair, don’t care,” but in reality, you have to take immense care of your hair when you decide to go blonde. The high-maintenance hairstyle takes a long time to get perfectly blond hair. To give you a perspective of how much work actually goes into getting this hair colour, it supposedly took Kim Kardashian 17 hours to get her hair completely blonde, not to mention the extra 13 hours it takes her to touch-up the roots everytime her hair starts to grow. However, the end result is definitely worth the long wait as you look absolutely fabulous in the icy hue which can be a major confidence booster

2. Fire Red

Image Courtesy- StyleBistro

Fire red is the statement hair colour for this season and many celebrities have been seen sporting the look. Kat Von D has become the poster child for this hair trend. The red is extremely bright, bold and suits all lengths and types of hair. Hence the name Fire Red.

3. Minty Hair

Image Courtesy- Celebuzz

Every since Kylie Jenner wore her mint coloured hair while out and about, this colour instantly became a talk of every Instagram fashion influencer and hair stylist. Soon everyone started pulling off the extremely fresh looking colour on their hair. Leave it to the Kar-Jenner clan to set a trend and everyone who loves fashion even a little bit will follow it.

4. Neon Peach

Image Courtesy- allure

Well, it seems like most of us could not get enough of the rose gold hair colour trend last season. But this season it’s all about a soft orange-blonde pastel known as peach. However, for those who believe that a little boldness never hurt anyone, The peppy bright neon peach shade is definitely your kind of hair colour.  It perfectly complements warmer complexions and dark eyes and looks absolutely great on both short and long hair.

5. Unicorn Hair

Image Courtesy- Fashionisers

Lastly, it’s the hair colour trend that we all have been gushing over. Unicorn hair is the hairstyle of this season. These hair colour shades span across the colour spectrum. Unicorn hair is also known as rainbow hair due to the varied colour palette with beautiful colours like pink, lilac, aqua, pistachio and buttercup etc. You can either go for a soft pastel shade, a bright one along with neon shades according to your preference.

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