5 Most Common Relationship Mistakes To Avoid


Relationships are hard to maintain. One has to sail through the ups and downs in order to build a relationship that is strong and lasting. While many bonds fade away at the slightest sign of trouble, there are some couples who are able to make it through till the end. Most couples fall prey to the honest mistakes that can sometimes prove to be fatal for a relationship. To keep a relationship healthy and happy, couples must avoid making some mistakes. Wedding Affair shares the most common relationship mistakes to avoid. 

1. Avoid Bickering


Don’t keep arguing over silly things. Don’t keep bringing back grudges of the past. Doing this will affect your relationship in a negative way. Let the little things go, whenever you can or else convey things with the utmost kindness. 

2. Passive Aggressive Behaviour


When anything that your partner says or does hurts you, don’t bury the resentment within yourself. Learn to convey the hurt to your partner without blaming them for the situation. 

3. Taking Your Partner For Granted


We tend to take our partners for granted once the relationship has been more than a year old. The date nights and compliments begin to take a backseat. This is one of the biggest relationship blunders.

4. Dependency


Being too dependent on your partner could make things difficult for your relationship. Have a life of your own apart from your partner. This keeps the romantic spark alive. 

5. Expecting A Perfect Person


No one is perfect. It is easy to draw a perfect picture of someone when you don’t know them. Remember, that we are humans and we come with flaws. 

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