5 Must-Have Makeup Brushes For Your Beauty Kit


It goes without saying that makeup can make or mar an otherwise sultry look of yours. Honestly, there is no in-between. To perfect makeup without any clumsy veers is no less than an uphill task. No matter how meticulously you try there’s always an asymmetrical wing or a contoured-cheek that went awry. It is as good as impossible to nail your makeup game without the right kind of makeup brushes. Here are the 5 must-have makeup brushes that you must add to your beauty kit to ace your look.

1. A Foundation Brush

Foundation BrushIf you wish to put on liquid foundation, then a foundation brush is optional because you can certainly make do with a sponge or clean fingertips of your palm. When it comes to using a powder foundation or mineral foundation then a foundation brush becomes an absolute imperative. To give out the perfect finesse, the brushes are usually dense and rounded.

2. A Blending Sponge

BrushWhile using liquid foundation, nothing works better than a blending sponge. It is the perfect thing to airbrush a liquid foundation on your face seamlessly. The round and smooth sponge helps even out the foundation on the face without any lines.

3. Concealer Brush

Concealer BrushOne must certainly keep a concealer brush handy. Without this, your makeup can never be on point. A concealer brush is usually pointy as it needs to even out the skin tone of specific areas such as under eyes and the chin area. This applicator only helps give the right finish to your face.  

4. Bronzer Brush 

Bronzer Brush

A bronzer brush, blush or powder brushes are much similar to each other in terms of the variety of ways these can be used. These can also sometimes be used interchangeably. If you wish to hit two birds in a single stroke, opt for a brush which has long and fluffy bristles. 

5. Contour Brush

Contour Brush

A contour brush is no less than a blessing. Contouring helps transform the facial structure with ease. So, even if you have chubby cheeks you can make it look like the chiselled face of the Kardashians. All thanks to contouring! A contour brush ought to be blunt with a sharp edge for contour. If you want a somewhat subdued contouring on your face, pick a softer brush. 

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