5 Must Have Snacks For Your Bachelorette


Tired of the mundane food options for your wedding functions? Don’t be! We have some offbeat food options for your guests to drool over and return happy as ever! You can replace some parts of your menu and add these instead.

1. Vol Au Vents


Vol au vents are small hollow pieces of puff pastry. You can fill them up with a combination of cheese and mushrooms, corn and peas, or anything you like! They leave scope for a lot of experimentation and are very easy to make!

2. Tap Jars


Tap jars make up for an extremely interesting way of dispensing your favourite drink to your guests. They are easy to use, mess free and is made for self-service so that you don’t need any special servers to pour the liquids.

3. Popsicles

Eating Well

Replace those heavy vanilla and chocolate ice cream bricks with these mouth-watering ice cream popsicles. They will become the star of your menu and everyone will have their hands on them.

4. Rice Paper Rolls


Exclusively Vietnamese, rice paper rolls are light and healthy! You can get your rice paper filled up with the filling of your choice, it can be anything from prawn to fresh fruits and cream! This crystalline member of your food menu is sure to make your guests
excited as a kid!

5.Pita And Hummus

What’s Gabby Cooking

This Lebanese combination doesn’t require a lot of ingredients to make but ends up being as tasty as ever. It’s mild with spices, smooth to the tongue and filling.

6. Green Tea


Who doesn’t like a soulful cup of green tea after a heavy gorge? You can keep a collection of green Tea bags for your guests to chose from. A few options include chamomile tea, lavender tea, lemon tea and even strawberry green tea. You can easily find a tea bag tray online with a wide collection of tea bags. It will keep them refreshed so that they can get back to the dance floor and they will make your menu fancy as ever!

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