5 must-haves in your Beauty Arsenal this monsoon

Monsoon Skincare
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Unlike Bollywood films where monsoon brings out romantic and mushy mood in a person, the stark reality stare from the polar opposite point. Frizzy hair, damp clothes, crazy traffic and muddy shoes – these are the incessant companions of the rainy season. We can’t even think about going on a date in this season. Or can we? This monsoon, ditch all your beauty and skin woes by keeping these five essential products handy. Read on as Wedding Affair brings to you some essential products.


Cleansing should be the first step of your beauty regime. Monsoon season is a beacon of bacterial, fungal and various other functions. This makes cleaning your face all the more important to keep skin infections at bay. Opt for mild, soap free cleansers or face washes made up of natural ingredients for a soft, supple skin. This combination remains gentle on your face’ sensitive skin.


Toners are responsible for keeping dirt and debris away from settling on your skin and prevent clogging of skin pores. It becomes a necessity during monsoon’s humid days, especially if you have oily skin. Avoid toners with a considerable amount of alcohol in them. Rose water is the best option for all skin types without any harmful side effects. 

Monsoon SKincare
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Hair Serum

The moisture laden air bring out the frizziness in your hair. Hair serums are your best bet to ensure that your hairstyle stays put together. Serums provide the required nourishment to your hair, ensuring that they remain healthy. 

Waterproof Makeup

If you are wearing makeup, always apply waterproof products. Pick up long wearing mascara and eyeliner to enhance your eyes. Choose liquid, creamy lip stains instead of matte lipsticks and liquid foundation rather than dry one. 

Monsoon Skincare
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Light Moisturiser

Even after the abundant amount of water pouring from the clouds, your skin can get easily dehydrated during monsoons. To maintain the moisture, use a light moisturiser on your skin. Go for an oil free, gel based moisturiser. 

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