5 Non-Religious Ceremonies To Make Your Wedding Meaningful

0. The knot

It is the customs and rituals that make a wedding meaningful. Since long, everyone has been following the same old traditional way of getting wedded. The millennials are break away from the traditional and are coming up with novel ways to make their wedding more meaningful. Several newfangled ceremonies have been observed in the recent years which are more meaningful than the older ones. The millennials are aware of the changing dynamics of the society and hence are willing to let go of the obsolete rituals and create their own instead. Here are the 5 non-religious ceremonies to make your wedding more meaningful.

1. Unity Sand Ceremony


Unity sand ceremony is when the bride and the groom fill a vessel with their respective vessels containing sand of different colours. The bride and groom pour the sand into a common vessel which forms a unique pattern. 

2. Letters From Guests

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In some modish weddings, guests write letters for the bride and groom so as to wish them a happy life. The letters are later read aloud for everyone to hear. 

3. Ring warming Ceremony


Ring warming ceremony is another very ceremony which has made its way in the wedding scenes. Guests hold the rings for a while so as to bless the bride and the groom.

4. Planting A Sapling


Some of the couples are opting for eco-friendly ceremonies in their weddings. A sapling along with a wedding invite has become a popular thing. In some cases, the couple themselves plant a sapling.

5. Writing Own Wedding Vows


Some couples even write their own wedding vows so as to make the ceremony more meaningful. Personal vows are in every way more romantic and special.

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