5 nutrients you need to take for healthy hair


When it comes to hair care it’s not only about nutritional deficiency or nutrient intake but also to understand the root of the problems (hormonal changes, genes, stress, medical condition).  Proper diagnosis of hair-related problem and its treatment at the earliest to enjoy a strong and healthy hair. And based on what your issues are it’s best to intake the right vitamins. Here we have listed the most important nutrients you require for healthy hair.


Did you know, deficiency of iron is a major cause of hair loss? This is why nutritionist Lovneet Batra suggests loading up on iron rich foods like beans, peas and legumes for a good hair health.


Including zin-rich foods in your diet can help reduce dandruff and boost hair growth. Some of the most popular zinc-rich foods are legumes, nuts and seeds.


Include a good amount of protein in your diet for healthy hair growth. Some of the Include a good amount of protein in your best and most easily available protein-rich foods are legumes, dairy products and eggs


Biotin has been linked to keratin production and improving dandruff condition. Some of the most common biotin-rich foods are egg yolks, sweet potatoes and mushrooms.