5 Packing tips to follow for your next travel plan


Traveling sure seems fun and exciting, but what about the pre-travel prep? Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about travel packing and a few tips related to the same. Listed below are the pointers indicating packing tips for your next travel plan.

Drop the fold and follow the roll!


The first tip in the series of travel packing tips would be the clear rule that you should roll your clothes in the luggage and not just fold them. This might seem a little less important right now, but once you apply the tip, trust us you’re going to save up on a lot of space. Also, this is not just a useful packing tip, but it is also something that might make your outfits look wrinkle-free. So, don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to carry your iron because rolled clothes are unlikely to get wrinkled.

Go minimal

Well, we know that this is something that might be hard for all the ladies to follow because c’mon they’re probably going to pack a hundred outfits for a week’s trip. But that’s what you should avoid while we speak of smart travel packing tips. The second one in case of packing tips for your next travel escape would be to go minimal with your packing. This sure is difficult, but see it this way that what if you wish to shop like crazy while on a trip but you don’t have any extra space left? That is going to be heartbreaking so it’s better to pack minimal just so that you can fit in the stuff you buy on your vacation.

Separation is a must

There are times when people tend to pack clumsy, and this never ends up good. Packing tips for your next travel plan include the fact that you should make sure to form separate columns of delicate stuff. For instance, you can make sure that there is a particular zipper that holds your undergarments, and most importantly ensure that you take an intact box for your jewellery just so that it does not get tangled in your other stuff.

Backup for dirty laundry

Are you the hygiene kind or the ‘I don’t care’ kinds? Well, whichever category you may belong to, just make sure to deal with your dirty laundry smartly. Travel packing tips include carrying an extra cloth bag with you, just so that you can put in your dirty laundry at the end of the day. This is because at times people tend to plant short trips due to which they do not have the time to clean up. So, just make sure to carry an extra bag with you.



Well, this is one of the most important pointers in terms of travel packing tips. You should make sure that your essentials are all packed. Essentials include your toiletries, your gadgets, and most importantly your documents like that of your passport, boarding pass, and of course your hand luggage.

P.S.- C’mon guys if you are to travel safe and make your trip then you will have to follow all these tips, so just gear up and start packing!

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