5 Pillars Of a Successful Relationship


Strong relationships are built on the foundations of trust and loyalty. All relationships need time to build into something meaningful. It takes days to relentless efforts to keep a relationship happy. That said, successful and happy relationships are not built in a day. Without constant efforts and nurturing, a relationship can very easily die a slow death. All those couples whom you admire for their successful relations are the ones who have diligently worked upon their relationship. There are numerous things like communication, trust, loyalty and steadfastness to make a relationship successful. Wedding Affair shares the 5 pillars of a successful relationship. 

1. Trust


First and foremost, is trust! Without trust, you cannot really build a strong relationship. Without trust, a relationship just cannot survive. Look for ways to increase trust in your relationship.

2. Respect


Respect is another must-have ingredient in a successful relationship. Mutual respect is a key component to a healthy and happy relationship. Don’t engage in unnecessary name calling and blaming to keep the relationship happy.

3. Friendship


The happiest of couples are best friends. They share a bond of friendship as much as they share a bond of love. A friendship between couples makes the relationship sail a smooth ride.  

4. Intimacy


Intimacy enhances the feels of a relationship. Nothing can replace the affection that you and your partner have for each other. It works, in the long run, to make your relationship stronger and better. 

5. Communication


Without effective communication, a relationship can lose its charm. It can slip into the debris of neglect and monotony. 


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