5 Promises to Make To Your Partner This New Year


Promises make a relationship stronger and happier. Promises show that your partner values you and celebrates your existence. Love promises can help enhance your relationship. While there are no specific days when you ought to make these promises, the new year certainly amounts to be one of the auspicious occasions, to begin with. While making these romantic promises make sure that you don’t go all over the board. Stick to realistic promises, something you feel that you can truly offer your partner otherwise the promise shall lose its meaning. Wedding Affair shares the top 5 promises to make to your partner this year. 

1. Promise To Find Time


We all want a generous amount of time and attention from our partners. Make the promise of always offering your time to your partner.

2. Promise to Prioritise

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Oftentimes, when other things take the important spaces in life, the relationship suffers. This new year, make a promise to your partner that you are going to prioritise them. 

3. Promise To Be A Team


The happiest of couples are the ones who don’t fight with each other but the ones who fight for each other.  

4. Promise To Listen

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Listening mindfully is an art that everyone ought to know. A mindful listener is also a great partner. Make the promise of being a good listener to your partner. 

5. Promise To Keep Happy


Last but not the least, make the promise of keeping them happy forever. Let your partner know that their happiness is important to you and that you are going to make a sincere effort to keep them happy. 

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