Be it sangeet, mehendi or haldi, everyone past over the dilemma of mulling the styling decor for their pre-marital ceremonies. Everyone desires to get their premarital occasions styled in a way of opulence and elegance along with some uniqueness and individuality. To attain the same, one should not cling himself/herself over a specific theme and style as the tantalizing trends are flooding in the market. Contemplating your personal appetency, enhance your pre-marital occasions styling decor with an amalgamation of contemporary services. Imperial nuptials stand on a different foot just because of their scintillating and glistening themes. If you all set to tie the knot, try these decor ideas to bring an element of beauty and charm at your pre-wedding ceremonies.

1. Captivating Candelabrum

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Add charm to your ceremony with a candelabrum. This styling set-up decor can be a perfect choice for an under moon ceremony. The sparkle of candles and their glittering flame interfuse to accord an ambience of romance and serenity.  

2. Charismatic Centrepieces

They may sound bleak but at the drop of a hat, they catch the glimpse and attraction of the guests. Floral centrepieces are one of the most embraced centrepieces as their resplendent charisma is incomparable. But, on the other side, one may be a trailblazer by experimenting with some idyllic ideas such as fruity centrepieces.

3. Love With Lighting

Sigaram Wedding Decorators

It’s not foreign to anyone. Illuminating lighting looks delectable. The hues of lights dancing in an enticing way rejoice the heart and mind in a plausible manner. The lustre of lights adds spark to the celebration.

4. Playing With Photo Booths


This is something amplifying popularity among the 21st era couples. It will surely confer some quirkiness and peculiarity to the commemoration. The hanging frames coupled with some expressing taglines over the trees and colourfully handcrafted photo booths look ostentatious.

5. Fascinating Flora


Heist the hearts with floral decorations. The floral decorations are not so recent, though, the way they still arrest the gaze and stimulate the olfactory lobes with their delectable essence makes them stand apart from the rest of the themes. One can pair it up with the lighting effects to bang the celebration.

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