Honeymoons can be quite overwhelming as it is the first time (for many couples in a country like India) that the newlyweds are out on a vacation together. Though it is also a good chance to know each other well before getting back to the normal routine, it has the capability to give you the most embarrassing moments as well. Five real brides reveal how they got stuck in the most embarrassing moments of their honeymoon.

1. Just Once When I Forgot To Brush My Teeth


It was the sixth day of our honeymoon. After having an exquisite meal and a long walk by the beach, the two of us decided to hit the bed as soon as we reach the resort. Guess what? That is ‘literally’ what I did. He, however, chose to freshen up before he went off to sleep. Little had I thought, both of us woke up in the middle of the night as there was some commotion in the lobby. As both of us were awake, my romantic husband tried to make the most out of this situation and he came towards me. Unlucky that I was, my garlic-smelling mouth repelled him. This happened once and since then I have understood what mere oral hygiene can do to your bedroom life.

2. Never Check His Phone, Especially On Your Honeymoon


He was the better looking one between us and this was something that made me a little too insecure. While a bride is generally the centre of attention at every wedding, in our case it was him who basked in all the glory. The perturbed girl inside me was curious how can such a good-looking guy choose such an average girl like me. One day on our honeymoon when he was in the shower, I was flipping through a magazine in the bed. Suddenly, his phone started to beep and continued for about seven to eight notifications. Out of curiosity (and insecurity), I went on to check his phone. A girl named Anmol had texted him, asking when will they be meeting. I got furious and ended up fighting with him. It actually turned out to be my mistake all along. Anmol wasn’t a ‘she’ but a ‘he’ who was, in fact, a long lost friend of his. I felt so small for ruining our honeymoon because of such a petty issue.

3. Keep A Tab On What You Eat


Being the foodie that I am, honeymoon meant trying out the local cuisines. At one such day, out of sheer excitement, I overate. That night I kept making multiple visits to the washroom. It was the last night of our honeymoon and it will be quite safe to say that my love for food ruined what an amazing night it could have been. But what I loved the most was the fact that he showed extreme patience and nursed me back to health. Till date, he has never taunted me once for spoiling our five-day honeymoon.

4. Because Sexy Lingerie Is Always A Turn On


Before marriage, I was incessantly advised to be ‘prepared’ at all times. Some married friends of mine had asked me to carry sexy lingerie and nightwear for my honeymoon. Like an obedient child, I adhered to their advice and bought lingerie and nightwear for my honeymoon. Once we reached the hotel and I was unpacking my stuff, I realised that I forgot to carry my ‘secret weapon’ with me and was only left with my Mickey Mouse pyjamas and T-shirt to wear at night. He did appear a little disappointed.

5. Always Recheck All Your Bookings


Me and my husband planned to visit London for our honeymoon. While he was planning everything else on the itinerary, my only job was to pick the accommodation. I was too picky about the place I wanted to stay at so Varun said I should be taking care of this part. I spent days scrolling through websites and finally found an amazing place — just what I wanted. Sadly, I had never finished our booking. There was a goof up in the payment which the hotel had mentioned in the email that they had shared with me and I totally skipped to read that. The worst part was that we learnt about it when we had reached our hotel and they said they had no vacancy. We spent almost four hours looking for another place, Varun was furious. I admit it was a big mistake on my part and somewhere along the line, I did ruin our honeymoon.

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