5 Reasons Why You Need To Subscribe To Wedding Affair Magazine Right Away!


One of the biggest industries in India is that of weddings. Indian weddings are grand and unforgettable and no stone is left unturned to deliver the wedding of a lifetime. Speaking of weddings, Wedding Affair Magazine has been a household name in the wedding business more than 18 years. Most of us have probably leafed through the pages of Wedding Affair but may have never given subscribing to the magazine a serious thought. If you need a little convincing, here are five reasons why you need to subscribe to the magazine right away:

1. We Talk About The Latest Bridal Trends Jewellery bridal

If you are a bride to be or are planning a wedding anytime in the near future, keeping up with Wedding Affair Magazine for the latest bridal trends of the season is an absolute necessity and will prove quite helpful to you. Deciding if you want a day wedding or an evening wedding and what type of outfit you would like to flaunt for your big day is indeed a huge nut to crack. Wedding Affair Magazine acts as the one stop shop for all things you need to know about weddings. Starting from hair, makeup, fashion, jewellery and all things hot or not-so-hot for this wedding season.

2. Wedding Affair Magazine Can Help You Pick The Perfect Destination For Your Wedding Or Honeymoon

Perhaps one of the most relaxing things about planning your wedding is realising that after all the wedding functions and rituals are over, you have a relaxing vacation to look forward to. The idea of having a destination wedding whether in India or abroad, lends a refreshing aura to your wedding. Our ‘Destination India Wedding’ and ‘Destination International Wedding’ segments offer the readers an inside look into the ‘whats’ and the ‘hows’ of a destination wedding. Similarly, choosing the perfect place to relax and unwind after exchanging your vows, is another daunting task and this is exactly why you need to subscribe to Wedding Affair Magazine. Let Wedding Affair Magazine be the guide to the type of locations that will be the perfect match for you and your better half with our ‘Destination India Honeymoon’ and ‘Destination International Honeymoon’ segments.

3. Find Some ‘Heart-To-Heart’ About Relationships And Things That Matter

The magazine has an extremely popular section known as “Hers & His” which offers some of the best pep talk about all things necessary for a more fulfilled relationship. It not only serves as a conversation starter for you and your better half, it also helps provide useful insight into how your significant other might be feeling about certain things. So, even if you are not in the wedding planning phase yet, this segment is definitely going to help you have a better look at your relationship and why things may or may not be working. So, go ahead and subscribe to Wedding Affair Magazine and we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

4. Exclusive Insights Into The Lives Of Your Favourite Actors

Yes, you heard that right! The ‘Desirable Men’ and ‘Desirable Women’ segments of the magazine features exclusive interviews with your favourite actors and you might stumble upon some new details about them, which you never actually had an idea about. Keep up with your favourites from Bollywood by subscribing to Wedding Affair Magazine right away.

5. Wedding Affair Gives The Best Subscription Gifts

Subscribing to India’s oldest and largest selling wedding magazine comes with its perks. All subscribing schemes come with exclusive gift hampers from luxury lifestyle brands from across the globe. A great read and a great gift is definitely a ‘Win-Win’ situation. Check out the Wedding Affair website right away and get the type of subscription that suits you the best from the various packages that we have to offer.

Visit the subscription page of Wedding Affair Magazine right away and don’t forget to collect your exclusive gift hampers.