5 Reasons We Love Disha Patani


It is Disha Patani’s birthday today and we are as excited as it is our own because we have our own fun on celebrity birthdays. She has recently rocked in the Hindi song ‘Slow Motion Mein.’ Her smile is infectious, her body is to die for, and her personality is ever so lively. We love all her street outings, her dates with Tiger Shroff, and her roles in the movies she chooses. As a small gesture to celebrate her birthday, we have mentioned 5 reasons we just love, love, and LOVE Disha Patani as a celebrity.

  1. Her Smile

She looks so cute when she smiles. Her smile accentuates her pretty face so well, that even we light up just at the sight of her smiling face. Plus, her pleasing personality also adds to the brightness that her smile adds to her face.

  1. We Love Her “Slow Motion Mein”

Her recent hit number with Salman Khan has been putting smiles on our faces ever since it released. The way she has dressed up in the tangerine-yellow saree, reminding us of ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’, has got us all grooving to the beats of the song. Also, all her other outfits inspired by the Retro Era are super fun and she looks gorgeous in each of them. 

  1. Her Impeccable Dancing Skills


If you follow her on IG, you would know that she is a very talented dancer. She sticks to her dance lessons regularly and loves to embed that Beyonce vibe in her dance routines. She has a number of videos on her social media in which she has showcased her amazing dancing talent. 

  1. Her Dedicated Brand Collaborations

She has been the ambassador for Calvin Klein’s inner-wear in India since long now. Her IG handle is surfaced with various campaigns that she has undertaken for the brand. She looks gorgeous in each in of them. Plus, her collaboration with M.A.C. Cosmetics is regal and fun in every sense possible.

  1. Her Personal Style

Disha Patani has been known for her unmatchable sense of street style as she steps out on dates with Tiger Shroff to their favourite cafe in Bandra. She has been spotted, on a number of occasions, in trendy oversized jeans, dad shoes, and summery-floral dresses. She is a diva in true sense.

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