Why should girls have all the glow? Here are five reasons for men to buck up and begin following that skin care regime that they have been stalling for some reason or the other.

1. To Sweep Your Bride Off Her Feet


You might have met a hundred times before finally getting hitched but on that day, you sir need to look like you have been washed by the moonlight! She should get stunned, you should get astonished at her being stunned and everyone around you should get mesmerised with all this stunning. Of course, you’ll know better!

2. For The Sake Of Photographs

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We know it’s a pain to pose for those albums that you’re eventually going to flaunt to everyone but hey, why not let your skin do the talking while you pose and greet everyone with an ear to ear smile.

3. To Nail That Look You’ve Been Working On For Months

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Let’s admit that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It would take you a substantial amount of time to perfect a look at your wedding day. Be it a chevron moustache or a handlebar moustache you’ve been trying to grow, you need to give it a good amount of time before you finally achieve that look. Therefore start now!

4. For That Sense Of Confidence


A drab face is going to bog you down. We assure you of that. Therefore to avoid any such unfortunate experience, start taking those rejuvenating facials and spas every two weeks or so before the wedding and let that ruby glow drip from your face.

5. If Not Now Then When?

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We are not film stars and we generally don’t get a chance to dress up like one on all occasions but for sure on our wedding day. So guys, don’t leave any stone unturned to look your absolute best.

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Every word in this post is so important, yet these steps are always ignored! I especially believe that Grooming before marriage should be made as important to men as it is to the bride! But usually so much attention isn’t given, particularly to skincare, that it shows up the faces of the groom on their D-day! The occasion really special to the both of them and they really need as much attention as they deserve!