5 Reasons Why Not To Take Rejection Personally


Rejection hurts, yes it does! There’s absolutely no one who doesn’t feel sad and desolate at the face of rejection. It’s just that some people don’t let the rejection define them and they don’t let their spirits be bogged down by it while others let it shatter their self-esteem. Each one of us faces rejection not just in romantic relationships but in everyday lives as well. Most of us don’t know how to deal with it and end up hurting themselves more than they should be. Wedding Affair shares the 5 reasons why not to take rejection personally.  

1. It’s not about You


The one very important reason why you shouldn’t take rejections personally is that it’s more about compatibility rather than about you. So don’t beat yourself up for not being up to the mark.

2. When You Rejected Someone


Remember the time you rejected someone. Did you think there is something wrong with them? So don’t worry, the one who rejected you also doesn’t think about you that way. 

3. Don’t Let The Rejector Define You


Oftentimes, people who low self-esteem already are too harsh on themselves and judge themselves based on what the rejector might have thought. Let your friends and family define you and not the rejector. 

4. Perspective Matters


We all come from different backgrounds and hence our belief systems are very different from each other. These beliefs have an immense influence on us and thus it reflects on our decisions as well.

5. Don’t Change For Anyone But Yourself


If you don’t like something about yourself and would want to be a little different than you are. Work towards it, but don’t change for others. Change only because you want to and not because others want you to. 

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