The Five Essentials for a Beautiful You


Beauty comes from within. One should fall in love with a person’s soul and not face. It might sound clichéd but the truth is you exuberate true beauty when you are happy. One should be happy. Be content, because if you are stressed and sad. You cannot feel better and beautiful.

Royal Skin Regime

After a day is over it becomes necessary to exfoliate your skin and give some pampering. A mild face wash, toner and moisturizer is a must for a healthy and a glowing skin. To relax and get a stress free sleep, suitable face serum is a big yes! CTM consists of 70% of your work done and the rest depends and varies on lifestyle and eating habits.

Natural Indulgences

weddingaffair_5shadesbeautyIt highly depends on the condition of my skin. For dry and sensitive skin, mixture of honey, curd and lemon works wonders. Curd keeps the skin hydrated and honey nourishes the skin. Rubbing potato or tomato slices on face especially, under the eyes helps remove pigmentation, uneven tone, dullness and acts as a natural bleach.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


Water is the key to reach the ultimate destination towards a healthy and a hydrated skin. Drinking 4-5 liters of water is very necessary to get flawless skin. Healthy fruit and vegetable juices, coconut water, soups, buttermilk, lemonades and boiled soya bean water gives a wonderful effect both to your skin and to your health diet as well.


weddingaffair_workoutIt is not just important to work for your skin with external efforts.  It is proficient to pamper and look after your body fitness too. Working out helps your body to stimulate the proper blood flow and improves the metabolic system. Holistic form of yoga helps balance your mental peace and shows undeniable effects. Cardio exercises and muscle strengthening helps improve flexibility and gives a natural glow to one’s skin. Swimming, yoga, cycling, jogging, etc helps your skin to gather its natural glow and make your body fitter and healthier.

Bin for the bad memories

As mentioned before, one has to feel positive and contented with his/her life to feel beautiful and special where as negativity and bad thoughts make you prone to unhealthy and unsatisfied life. Also its vital to forgive and forget for a hassle free life. Negativity is your biggest and the most cruel enemy. Learn to stay happy and use bin for unnecessary and bad thoughts in your life.